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Revered over 5,000 years for its wealth of health benefits -- this adaptogenic herbal tea is rich in antioxidants, and a cinch to prepare.* So cancel the negatives of your daily stress without psychotherapy, for just pennies.*

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You"re barraged continuously by these claims -- day in and day out.

Those flashy health and wellness promises you see on television, on the web, or in print ads -- the ones that seem too good to be true... and most of the time, they are.

* From miracle diet plans and wonder pills claiming to help you lose double-digit pounds in only days...
* To those sensational "aches and pains" remedies that promise you"ll feel like a teenager again in just 15 minutes...
* And now scientists are working on a pill that allows you to skip exercising all together... yet gain the same benefits...

Sound too good to be true? I"m sure there are many more claims like these you"ve heard as well.

So you can understand why I was somewhat skeptical when I learned about an ancient sacred herb that supposedly:

* Helps promote your respiratory system health*
* Supports your healthy vision*
* Gives you antioxidant protection against free radicals*
* Helps you alleviate minor discomfort and irritation*
* Provides you with a calming effect and relief from occasional stress*
* Helps bolster your immune system*
* May even give your stamina a boost*
* Helps promote your healthy metabolism*
* Balances the health of your digestive system*
* Helps you maintain blood sugar levels in the normal range*
* Provides you with skeletal and joint support*
* Aids you in supporting normal cholesterol levels*

And more...

Pretty astounding... Yet to me, it seemed too good to be true.

However, over time spent studying this amazing Tulsi herb, I became thoroughly intrigued by its extraordinary health benefits.* Benefits backed up by scientific research.

So I"d like to share with you more of what I uncovered about...

Tulsi -- Nature"s Health-Promoting Gift to YOU*

When I first discovered facts about the Tulsi herb, I had a challenging time believing all of the info about its far-reaching benefits.

What qualities made our producer of Tulsi win the "2005 Socially Responsible Business Practices Award" -- and become a global leader of such high quality organic products? Find out now...

Never before had I uncovered such a single, little-known herb with such wide-ranging health benefits.*

I began to really dig deeper when I discovered Tulsi health and wellness applications dating back thousands of years in India.*

I really felt there must be something compelling behind all this.

And what I discovered is that scientists from around the world (and particularly in India) have been busy researching the Tulsi herb -- and providing strong evidence of its natural health value.*

One challenge the scientific community faces when studying herbs is that herbs tend to provide the greatest health benefits over prolonged periods of time.* They are not the "quick-fix" touted by many other health-related products.

But before we dive into more details on the incredible benefits, let"s take a trip far back in time to better understand...

How this Ancient Herb Became Part of India"s Spiritual and Wellness Culture

In India, the Tulsi herb has been widely known for its health-promoting properties -- for body, mind, and spirit for over 5000 years.
Commonly called "sacred" or "holy basil," Tulsi is a principle herb of Ayurveda, India"s ancient holistic health system. Ayurveda means "knowledge of life" -- with herbs lying at the very heart of Ayurvedic practice.
Ayurvedic knowledge grew out of the wisdom of ancient rishis (sages) and yogis of India, and initially passed by word of mouth.
Apparently, this tradition continued for many generations until the earliest known written texts around 5000 BC.
The Rigveda became the first do*****ented scientific record of Ayurveda. Rig means "in verses" and veda means "book of infinite knowledge."
Herbs like Tulsi are at the heart of India"s holistic health system.
The Rigveda emphasized the importance of herbs for optimal health and well-being.
The ancient rishis ensured the integration of Tulsi into daily life by incorporating it into religious rituals. In this way, people at all levels of Indian society routinely consumed Tulsi for health benefits during worship in their temples and homes.*

Today, Indians worship Tulsi as a sacred plant. It is a part of Indian households, typically grown in earthen pots in the family home or garden.

You already know about many of this herb"s amazing health benefits*, but here"s one I feel needs additional emphasis...

Certain herbs have been discovered to induce resistance to stress called: State of Non-specific Increased Resistance (SNIR)*.

Agents that improve the capability of an organism to adapt to stressors are called adaptogens. According to Dr. Narendra Singh, author of Tulsi -- The Mother Medicine of Nature, an adaptogen must fulfill three requirements.

It must:

* Be innocuous in nature
* Promote normal physiological functions of your body
* Induce a SNIR in the human organism, so the body copes better with stress

And of all the herbs Dr. Singh researched, Tulsi ended up being one of the best adaptogens.*

So what does this mean to you?

It simply means Tulsi can help boost your system against stress... helping you to relax and stay calm in today"s frantic world.*

And this is only one of the many Tulsi benefits you could take advantage of with the Original Tulsi Tea Mix and products.

But why hasn"t this herb been better known until now? India"s Organic Movement -- What Happened and Why?

Just like the rest of the world, but perhaps more so in India, farming methods swayed under constant pressure from corporations for higher and quicker profits.

Farming areas of northern India ended up in very bad shape. Soil depletion from over-farming and the use of fertilizers and pesticides was widespread. Many farmers were unable to cultivate their land anymore.

Tulsi field in Azamgarth, India, where the organic movement began.

In 1997, a movement began to take place in northern India that would change the face of farming in the region. A group of people convinced of the value of organic farming and processing began working with local farmers to help solve the over-farming issue.

At first the local farmers were skeptical -- having already gone down the wrong path with large corporations.

However one small farmer, Kailash Singh, in the small northern Indian village of Azamgarth, decided to take a chance on his small 3-acre farm and go organic. He started the first organic Tulsi farm.

With time, more local farmers joined Singh, eventually expanding the Tulsi organic process to over 10,000 acres.

So, it"s no wonder Indian culture considers Tulsi at the heart of the organic movement.

And now, you can take advantage of all Tulsi has to offer with Original Tulsi Tea Mix -- made with 100% organic ingredients.

I"m sure by now you"re familiar with the powerful benefits provided to you by antioxidants.* Well, Original Tulsi Tea Mix is no exception. Here"s...
How Tulsi Delivers You Powerful Antioxidant Nutrients*

Antioxidants are important nutrients, as they help you slow down the excess oxidation process and protect your cells from free radicals.*

When free radicals attack your cells, excess oxidation can occur, which potentially damages your cells. Antioxidants help counteract this process -- and Tulsi is rich in antioxidants.*

Yours today -- superior organic Tulsi, all because of this type of extensive training that ORGANIC INDIA"s farmers receive. Discover more here...

If you recall, I"ve mentioned often how antioxidants are your body"s #1 way to neutralize free radicals -- those harmful metabolic byproducts that can damage cells and tissues throughout your body.

Scientific evidence repeatedly demonstrates antioxidants are key nutrients in helping YOU:

* Support your memory function*
* Promote your heart health*
* Boost your immune system*
* Slow down the signs of normal aging*
* Promote your healthy vision*

Although many foods you eat contain antioxidants, today"s poor diets likely don"t provide you with the free radical scavengers you need.

I firmly believe the Tulsi herb found in Original Tulsi Tea Mix can help you maintain the antioxidant nutrients you need.

However, I suspect you need a few more details, and might be wondering...

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